Synology DSM 6.1-15047-2 verfügbar

 Synology hat auf der CeBit nicht nur neue Synology NAS Einheiten vorgestellt sondern auch noch eine neue DSM Version. Hauptfokus von der Version ist Bugfixes.



Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where a high-availability cluster might unexpectedly switch over when the active server is busy.
  2. Fixed an issue where SHA alternatively displays the message of availability/unavailability due to false alarm.
  3. Fixed an issue where DSM cannot be joined into Windows AD domains after upgrading to version 6.1.
  4. Fixed an issue where domain users cannot be edited on DSM after enabling Windows AD services.
  5. Fixed an issue where LDAP users could fail to access files via the SMB protocol.
  6. Fixed the compatibility issue of VMware with some file LUNs created on DSM 6.0 Beta.
  7. Fixed an issue where an encrypted shared folder cannot be decrypted when the encryption key is set to maximum length.
  8. Enhanced the stability of the iSCSI service.
  9. Fixed an issue where Auto Block might fail to block addresses when the Allow List is set as an IP range.
  10. Fixed an incorrect volume display on some models where RAID Groups are supported and SHR has been enabled.
  11. Fixed an issue where Microsoft Office and Adobe documents cannot be opened on Windows after being accessed on macOS via the AFP protocol.
  12. Improved the write performance of fragmented Btrfs volumes.
  13. Added Seagate IronWolf Health Management (IHM) support on Broadwell-DE models.
  14. Fixed the compatibility issue of WD WD8001FFWX with the DX1215 expansion unit.